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2001/1228.html  Everything is Okay
NOT INSANE, just a little schizotypal.
2001/1215.html  One Sweet Dream
Dec 15 Sitting Bull shot in head while submitting to arrest, 1890
2001/1211.html  Just Say No
I'm sorry, but I can not consent.
2001/1202.html  If they're gay, you make their day!
So, hefty credit card payments please me.
2001/1129.html  Tipping ...
Things are tight, but I have cash money on me these days. It feels good.
2001/1127.html  "Thanks, you are awesome."
... and you know, the world just seems a better place when cute chicks leave you notes like that.
2001/1114.html  Frigging Taliban!
Today I became a real waiter.
2001/1113.html  Veteran's Day
A plane had just sort of randomly crashed in Queens. That's just what New York City needs. I feel terrible.
2001/1111.html  The Pizza Place
Hrmmm, it seems a little dubious that they have so many positions open ...
2001/1101.html  You Can Never Go Back
The culture of change leaves its own immobile traditions.
2001/1026.html  Too bad ...
Danny doesn't suffer the Illinois weather, as Jon does.
2001/1018.html  VBG?
you geeks and your internet lingo.
2001/1007.html  Enduring Freedom
"Enduring Freedom" not only means that freedom will endure, but that the free world will endure the cost of freedom.
2001/1006.html  Depravity
But ripping off the library?! When you could just borrow the game for free!? That is the depths of depravity.
2001/1005.html  Efficacy
I can always use a good laugh!
2001/1002.html  ATTENTION!!! ATTENTION!!!
This system will go off-line indefinately on or before 29, October, 2001.
2001/0928.html  Popcorn
But, you know, I'd rather just have a friggin' job.
2001/0927.html  No complaints
You know, I've had a rough couple of months, and things are not yet looking up, but I don't feel much like complaining.
2001/0918.html  Oatmeal, or Eggs on Toast?
Life is full of vexing puzzles.
2001/0912.html  Boom, Crunch
Buildings collapse, and a car crashes.
2001/0820.html  Proud Mary
Come September, I'll be broke as a dog, or something like that.
2001/0812.html  Re: Your Mascot
There are no daemons, that I know of, to take offense at an Operating System appropriating a stereo-typed image of their cultural identity.
2001/0808.html  Linty Lizard
A linty little salamander was chilling in my living room.
2001/0714.html  Laid Off
Fortunately my vagabond shoes had been longing to stray. Getting laid off stepped right to the heart of it.
2001/0713.html  Ontario, Niagra, New York ...
The metric system is really easy to enjoy driving to.
2001/0711.html  Rapid River, MI
Uncle Bill is a big exotic bird in a modest cage, and he tends to sing a lot.
2001/0710.html  On to Canada!
As I drive along I think how I'd like to find the right woman and settle down in a cozy house up here and leave the world be for a few years.
2001/0708.html  Saturday, Monday
Saturday I explained to Mom how it came to pass that I'd left for lunch and returned at 4AM.
2001/0706.html  My Jeong James Vern
My knows Jeong through me, and now they are good friends. Vern and James, who had not previously known each other, drank and chatted and watched the tube together.
2001/0705.html  Meig's Field
There are supposed to be several planes at the bottom of the lake, well-preserved in frigid fresh water, who didn't quite make their landing.
2001/0704.html  "Check Engine"
The Check Engine light is not serious. Not like overheating and having steam or smoke pouring from your engine compartment.
2001/0703.html  Newton, IA
After some cranky lady chased me away from the only tree I could find in her stretch of Wyoming, I found a quiet underpass where I could power-nap at the wheel, shaded from the sun.
2001/0702.html  Truckin'
Climbing the summit of a Mountain in East Utah in third gear because I'd exhausted the battery way early on down the grade, windows all the way down, the whistling wind accompanying the Grateful Dead ...
2001/0701.html  Mothball Fleet
He explained that the ships were mostly WWII-era and many of them were coal-powered, and that they constituted one of the Navy's mothball fleets.
2001/0630.html  Saturday
At some point on Saturday or something I finally decided that you know what? I'm starting vacation THIS week as I had always intended.
2001/0620.html  Be productive, but also have some fun!
How's that for a mantra?
2001/0530.html  h2o in 1310
Didn't you see that report recently? Tap water is just as healthy as bottled water and cheaper.
2001/0524.html  Airplane Dream
The plane spun downward. It was really disconcerting. It's not supposed to do that, eh?
2001/0518.html  Merci a loire les mots dannyman!
Dannyman encounters trouble whilst bootstrapping his brain after the previous night's alcohol.
2001/0512.html  Raging Bull, Driving Meat, Little Pink Houses
Dannyman steals a milk crate, samples the tofu, and has a movie reccomendation for you.
2001/0426.html  NAFTA
Seven sandwiches under seven calories, or something like that ...
2001/0331.html  Jessica Goes Bye-Bye!
dannyman is invited to Taiwan.
2001/0321.html  Tired but Good.
dannyman gets up early.
2001/0320.html  Kittys Get Out!
The cats romp outside, while dannyman writes his own FreeBSD install script.
2001/0313.html  Fear and Loathing in Mountain View
Would he dare to suck a sleeve? Probably not. Play it safe. Pretend you never saw it . . .
2001/0308.html  Watch Where You Point That Thing!
Babies are poppin' out all over. Dannyman visits San Diego.
2001/0205.html  dannyman dot toldme dot com!
I mean, what can you say to that?
2001/0116.html  Wading Upstream
The imperceptible mid-life crisis, goodbye to the Volvo.
2001/0111.html  Joe Doyle's Hero
Dannyman strikes a blow for justice, owes money.
2001/0104.html  Holiday Wrap-Up
A trip to the library, home for the holidays, and a new camera.

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