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11 July, 2001

Rapid River, MI

Woke up this morning after hearing Uncle Bill in the kitchen. He is like a big exotic bird in a modest cage, and he tends to "sing" a lot. Just before waking up I was dreaming that I was meeting my college friend, Linda, as we were supposed to go to prom together. Dreams aren't supposed to make sense. It was some formality that we were to together satisfy even though we each had our own romantic affairs to attend to. In fact, she is married, and I went to her prom with her best friend, also named Linda.

Well, I was wondering what her dress would look like and when I got to her door she was unexpectedly stunning. Her hair was slicked back in this particular, close-cropped style. Her smile beaming between her chin and her eyes, and she had this close-fitting, red dress with a slight touch of orange to it, and what basically amounted to little yellow polka dots. The dress went down to her knees, which is only appropriate since she's always had nice legs. Quite an image to wake to. Where it did come from? Who cares! If my only my subconscious provided such wonderful images more often!

Thinking on it, perhaps the hindbrain featured Linda in so stunning a manner because I neglected to track down her and Dave while in Chicago. They live in one of the western suburbs - he is a pilot and she a nurse.

After coffee and chit-chat with Grandma and Uncle Bill, I made myself some eggs on toast, had some more coffee and I'm sitting here at the Howard kitchen table in Rapid River, MI recounting the story of my vacation so far ...

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