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5 February, 2001

dannyman dot toldme dot com!

PBS is awesome. I figured to veg out in front of the TV a little, and first thing that comes up is a Frontline documentary on the juvenile correction system on KTEH. When that concludes, I find a show on KQED about the steamlining movement, as embodied by the Burlington Zephyr, and how it made a brief comeback after the war before passenger trains were pretty much squashed by the airlines and cars. After that was over I was tempted to call up Grandma and say "PBS is awesome!" as she pretty much stays tuned to WTTW in Chicago. Of course, 2300h here is 0100h in Chicago and who needs to wake up Grandma? She loves readin' this here journal anyways, so I'll write here a little.

So you've noticed I've lost interest in the web site some lately. Well, you know once in a while you've got to make some changes, and I've figured I'll just start rolling things up a little different on this new site: dannyman.toldme.com. See, I originally registered toldme.com one day when I was thinking ahead for the future. Tellme is bound to have to lay people off some day, and having a URL handy for those told they have to leave ... well, if your e-mail address has so long been @tellme.com, it only makes sense that you get to be @toldme.com once you've left.

And then I was thinking that if I ever get some odd-ball ideas to post to the web, and my memes start propogating, and people spout some strange thing or another that I write here, and someone asks where they got that from, they can just respond, as obnoxiously as possible, "well dannyman dot toldme dot com!"

I mean, what can you say to that?

Also, I recently got sasquatch back, with a bad hard disk. That seems as auspicious a time as any to move on to a new web site, considering that the current dannyland.org/~dannyman dates back to the last time sasquatch's system disk failed and I lost everything. I'm kinda smart now - I rsync my web site across three seperate machines, both so I can work on it off-line, and as a cheap way of maintaining backups.

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