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Jim Fanning
Tellme Employee #7

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¿Donde está el año de 2002?

# Where didst thou place the year 2002?
> cd /log


The first of what I hope will be more stories told from before I kept an online journal:

16 January, 1991 - The Gulf War - My feelings about Desert Storm, and the school walk-out I joined to protest the war the day before it started.

Spring, 1998 - Computer Literacy Narrative - A brief history of computing, in the world of dannyman, which begins in 1984. Written for an English class.


Why a public journal?

No man knows himself or can describe himself with fidelity. But he can reveal himself. This is especially true of Gandhi. He believed in revealing himself. He regarded secrecy as the enemy of freedom - not only the freedom of India but the freedom of man.

Louis Fisher
The Essential Gandhi

Bah, it seems I try to re-state my reasons a few times every year. My latest reckoning is that historically, I've been a very private person. As I've matured more, I've noticed that I tend to swing between being more socially outgoing and turning inward to mull over what I've experienced. This swinging seems to happen constantly. I might in the course of a single night swing a few times, and in the longer run, I'll swing over the course of weeks, and months, even years and quite possibly the span of my life.

Make any sense? Eh, well, I'm recording data here. As the data accumulate, it would be gratifying if I noticed some educational patterns. But, even if I never learned anything from my own journal, it still gives me some practice with writing and engaging in self-reflection. Others are entertained or informed. Seems like a win-win situation, as long as I don't offend too many people or spill other's secrets, however unintentionally.

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I have friends with journals ...

Adam Haberlach
Adam's from Washington State, and I know him through my associations with UIUC alumni who worked at Be. Be no longer is, and so Adam shared in my prolonged unemployment during the latter half of 2001, searching his own soul and opting to work at a climbing gym instead of serving pizza.
Know bene from UIUC, and Allen Hall. She too, has joined the Bay Area migration.
Beth Johnson
Beth is the "Beetle Chick" so called because she stalked me as I drove around the streets of Urbana, IL in my Beetle, capturing my affection during my final year of college, and her final year of high school.
Ian Sterling
Ian's a New Zealander who work in Transmeta's MIS Department with me. Sometimes he updates his web site.
Jason Lindquist
Jason went to Illinois a tiny bit before my time, and we know each other, originally, from the campus networks. He has a strong personality that one can acquire a taste for over time. He did his time at Qualcomm, during the boom years, and has done pretty well in San Diego. He's taking time off, and volunteering with youth baseball. Jason has a keen mind, and I like reading his journal.
Jon Roma
Jon Roma has worked for the University of Illinois longer than any sane person should. He loves Zippy the Pinhead, beer, and his cat.
Well, we had some Pizz'a Chicago the other night, and then watched "What Planet are You From" together the other night, and he lives near my old place on Fayette in Mountain View, where I lived with Dave, so here goes your cosmic connection.
Sidney A. Cammeresi
Last time I saw Sid, we were both drunk, and we wanted to walk to another party in the rain, so I gave him my shirt, and he macked on a girl. He still has that shirt. Dunno about the girl. Sid earns points for professional muck-raking.


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