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26 April, 2001


Yesterday was kinda healthy. I woke up at a reasonable hour, like 9AM, biked to work. Worked. Got hungry. Biked over to Subway, had a low-calorie sandwich ...

I ate with Joe, who biked over himself, except on his motorcycle. A lot of us in the Operations group do not drive to work in cars much at all.

While eating, I saw this Mexican dude come in selling wallets. Kinda shifty. Normally I wouldn't even make eye contact with the guy, but you know? I needed a wallet!

See, a while back when Grandma was in town she bought me a wallet with the Stanford logo on it. By Grandma standards this is a very sweet thing to do, but I'm still somewhat in denial about being an upper class white yuppy who can cruise through life based on the good fortune of my ancestors. Anyway, in order to disassociate myself from such a negative stereotype, I paid the Mexican $12 for a nice leather wallet.

It is a rich-man's wallet. Two billfolds, a third zippered billfold, lotsa slots for credit cards and the like, and an anemic change pouch. Maybe I'm not Stanford upper class white guy, but I can still make good use of this wallet I bought off a guy who for all I know is actually from Guatemala, but given my fairly comprehensive ignorance of Latin American culture I can indifferently refer to as "a Mexican." Not unlike the peasants in Gogol stories who refer to all foreigners as "Germans."

It is also something of a good deed, because my consumer spending has been down lately, and injecting hard currency directly in to the immigrant working class in California is important to America's ability to weather this would-be recession we may find ourselves in, not to mention the Summer's anticipated black-outs.

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