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2 December, 2001

If they're gay, you make their day!

Another day, another $62, plus wages. I think one guy gave me a bigger tip because he thought I was cute or something. Whatever his motivation, I'm not complaining. It reminds me of a great controversy that raged in one cabin I stayed with for summer camp one year, about showering naked. "What if someone's gay," demanded one of the campers.

"If they're gay, you make their day," replied the counselor.

I'm not sure such flattery was warranted that day, but I have a cute butt.

Unemployment insurance ... wages ... tips ... math ... $736.76 to deposit today. That means I can make a hefty credit card payment. Since losing my job, I've paid off my Discover Card, floated $1,250 to a 5.99% introductory APR, reduced my student loan payments, borrowed $2,000 from mom, moved outta my place, and I've got $5,000 left on the other Mastercard, that likes to charge me around $100 per month for interest. So, hefty credit card payments please me.

29 November << 2001 >> 11 December

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