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> ( cd .. && ls -l 2000 ) | sort -n
2000/0106.html  good consumer
2000/0119.html  Chicks Dig OpenBSD
dannyman turns 24.
2000/0127.html  Toys!
Got my digital camera ...
2000/0131.html  It's breath mint time.
dannyman works too much, chills out, pops a breath mint.
2000/0217.html  Mmmm, Four Stitches
dannyman confronts the site of his own blood, and considers the California ballot process.
2000/0316.html  110%
Mom's coming to town! Dannyman finds a new place to live after working some ass off.
2000/0409.html  Sweet Sushi Sugar Magnolia
dannyman starts to feed himself, with a little help from some friends.
2000/0417.html  Freebies!
2000/0419.html  Some of them are hotties
Unix manuals, DLT IV tapes, soda pops, Suns, and an alien overseeing things. Welcome to dannyman's work area.
2000/0424.html  Yesterday was Easter
2000/0427.html  On my honor
dannyman speaks his piece about the Boy Scouts.
2000/0511.html  A Decisive Blow
dannyman versus the Ants.
2000/0514.html  Jinx!
Volvo stops rollin'
2000/0515.html  CalTrain: Woah There!
CalTrain comes through ... evantually! Dannyman gets some snugglin' - in his DREAMS!
2000/0610.html  Meow
2000/0619.html  dannyman's big score
DVD AND microwave!
2000/0703.html  Tellme Plan for World Domination
American auto makers have head too far up ass building bigger and better SUVs.
2000/0705.html  Stuffed and Gassy
Mexican for lunch, Indian for dinner, and couple of cat stories.
2000/0712.html  Brokedown Palace
Listen to the river sing sweet songs, to rock my soul.
2000/0714.html  Contrast
Business is war and I've found a great Company to issue my marching orders.
2000/0726.html  Raw Fish and Ice Cream
dannyman closes a good week and gets started on a bad one.
2000/0730.html  Settling Up
You know how long it takes to restore a pair of 200G RAID filesytems from DLT cassettes over NFS? I have a graph.
2000/0818.html  Cats, Sushi, Chicago, Honda Insight, and City Hall
Mmmmm, keywords!
2000/0822.html  Iowa
dannyman heads outta town, drops by the old high school, talks about dumb security.
2000/0824.html  Colorado
dannyman manages to dial up and track down Sean in Colorado.
2000/1001.html  Comfort, Pain, California
Thinking and having fun in the golden state.
2000/1109.html  Popular vote, funny ballots ...
The ice cream guy said that of those he'd asked, the race was going three for Ralph, one for Browne, and one for Gore.

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