16 January, 2001

Wading Upstream

Rachel called me today. She's recently met this interesting boy, and finishing school, and working too hard, and catching me up on how are the people back in Illinois. I like Rachel. I told her that I'm turning 25 in two days, and that on some lower level I'm having a quiet mid-life crisis. As far as I can tell this just means I'm actually wandering over to the complex gym to exercise a little - 30 minutes on the bike burns five hundred calories, or so it claims.

Mainly, the crisis, as it were has to do with "Well, now I'm successful, or getting there, and on the way to improvement in that regard, but what about my life?" Well, I figure I'll be wrapping up last year in the journal some time soon and that might be a good time for reflection.

When even hinting at any sort of crisis I hear from others sooth. So, maybe, just maybe I actually am a good person. I'd like to think I am, and one component of being a good person is self-improvement. Joe's taking two classes at De Anza right now - he is in water very much similar to my own, and I figure that is one way in which he is wading upstream.

So, the Volvo was rear-ended by a dump truck back in August when I was buying the Insight, right? And after several months I tracked the guy down and called him and called him until he got me in touch with his employer, and in turn the insurance company. Tomorrow they are hauling my old car away, and I will be compensated about $1,800. Not bad for a car that I paid $800 for. Of course, I put in like $2,500 in labor. Volvos: great cars, mixed blessing.

I drove her to work today, and for lunch me and the IS guys drove the four blocks over to Castro Street in her, windows rolled down so we wouldn't choke on the fumes too much, me working the manual auto-stop, turning off the engine at stop-lights like the Insight magically does, only this time with the key. Hey, it starts consistently, and the starter moter can go to hell if they're taking her away tomorrow.

I will miss that car ...

So, if you've spent much time in on-line discussion forums, and could use a great chuckle, I suggest you visit Flame Warriors.

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