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29 November, 2001

Tipping ...

Today a guy who, as I overheard, had been flying earlier with his family, well, they come in, and after they leave, I see he's tipped me $12 on a $26 bill. Damn!

Yesterday I balanced my checkbook. Things are tight, but I have cash money on me these days. It feels good. There is a mountain of debt in credit cards and school loans that is more daunting from my current financial perspective, but this working in a pizza joint, EARNING MONEY, feels good.

A bank in Pittsburg want to make me an offer, but I refused to sign the little box on the application that says that I'd compromise my integrety by submitting my urine for drugs analysis. I talked to the HR lady yesterday and she noted that they can not make an offer without that agreement. Sucks to be them, I guess.

Mike told me that he has refused work for the same reason before. Made me feel a lot better. Good man.

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