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20 June, 2001

Be productive, but also have some fun!

Times when you say to yourself that you'll pull a twelve-hour work day, to keep on top of things and make up for slackitude. Times when you get restless and take a bike ride home to pay some bills after you figure out how you want to re-think your algorithm but don't really feel like keeping your hands dirty with Perl code.

The kind of time when your finances are tight, but a coworker drops you five Benjamins to stow furniture in your guest bedroom. So, even though this month you've postdated checks and made minimum credit card payments as an austerity measure, and aren't going out to lunch, you decide to drop $99.06 on your Amazon.com wish list. We all need to treat ourselves from time to time.

Times when the week before you ask the finance department how much vacation time you've accrued, and after they tell you in hours, for whatever bizarre reason, and you divide by eight, you figure you've got 18 days hoarded up. EIGHTEEN DAYS! My goodness. Round that up to twenty and that's four work weeks! Add weekends and that's thirty days.

Times like that when you think "Hey, let us finish 2001-Q2 goals and take July off!"

I'm thinking shoot down I-80 to Chicago. Have myself a nice BBQ in the windy city with my family. Maybe visit Uncle John McConeghey along the way. He lives in Newton, IA. Then after a nice relaxing visit, it is a day's drive over to DC, where Marian and Dan live. Washington, DC is so pretty! Visit some monuments and get jazzed up about our cocky, young Republic. Then one could drive up to New York city. Must ask iko, an old college friend who lives in Jersey if I can crash on the floor / couch while I explore what New York has to offer a tourist like me besides one hell of a subway system.

For dessert, we can cruise on down South, where men once fought to defend their right to own other men in The War of Northern Aggression. What's down there? I do not know! Well, my credit union is - I still have thirty dollars earning a few cents interest every month at Fort McClellan Credit Union. I'm sure there are more interesting things down there, though. Anyways, as I cruise West I can drop by and visit Dad in southern Colorado. I have not yet been to his place.

Meanwhile, though, be productive. Be productive, but also have some fun!

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