19 January, 1999

Chicks Dig OpenBSD

Bahhh, Chicks Dig OpenBSD, so I guess I'm a fool for running FreeBSD!

Whatsa BSD? Berkeley System Design. Basically, Berkeley went and tried to implement a free version of Unix back in the day. Long story short is that the end result of this is that you've got a variety of Open Source BSD descendants. Kind of like how Linus Torvalds tried to write his own kernel and now you have a variety of Linux distributions.


Last Friday, I was driving home after a long evening at work, and I though, "I'm not sleepy, I've had insomia lately." A brief mental council suggested maybe I could just pick up my swimsuit and just head for LA, RIGHT NOW, and get most of the way there before I got really tired and had to find a cheap motel or something with the couple of hundred dollars I had in my pocket because it was pay day.

But the car was overdue for tires.

So on Saturday I woke up and dropped the car off at the Good Year by the laundromat, and killed two birds with one trip.

Happy Birthday

Last night we went out for sushi. Dunno why, but Sushi makes me hungry, so I went home and received some birthday wishes over ICQ and ended up in a chit-chat with one of those friends I don't speak with a lot. I also nuked and ate a potato while watching the latter part of Dances With Wolves. Man that is an awesome movie, and if you aint seen it you gotsa come by my house and watch it.

Tuesday night past we went to go see Galaxy Quest. Now that was one awesome, awesome, hilarious movie that never had a lull. It was just as good as any Star Trek movie, if you enjoy Star Trek movies like I sometimes do, but with the added dimension that it was completely fucking hilarious. Man, what a great movie.

In fact, because of Galaxy Quest, when we caught Magnolia on Friday ... well, we were disappointed. The film had plenty of drama and interesting scenes and stuff, but you know what? The Tellme folks I went with were all kinda tired and wanted some Friday evening entertainment. We wanted to veg out. Magnolia was just stressful. See this on a Sunday afternoon when it is raining and just enjoy the experience.

Number One Is ...

Hoo-rah! So, my boss gimme a $20 gift certificate. He also gave me a reason to celebrate, salary-wise. So you know what? I blew through my Amazon.com "Wish List" and well, stuff will be coming in the mail. It totalled more then $100, but it'll let me rip some more mp3s to enjoy at work. Some times I get a song inside my head, I need to hear it from the outside, you know?

You know how they keep talking about how stores like Amazon.com are a threat to brick and mortar stores? Well, I'm not the only one to find that the opposite! Amazon is great for browsing music ... you get reviews from other customers, little samples, you can tag them all in to a list ...

But it doesn't give you that rewarding feeling of going out to the store, walking through the fresh air and all. I keep hoping to make my list on Amazon, where list-making is comfortable, and then print it out and go shopping. I mean, I'm not one who likes to go shopping, but for example, riding on up to the city to walk down Haight and pick something up at that music store right by Golden Gate Park just feels good.

Man, that dannyman needs to get out more.

But I say if Amazon.com destroys the soulless shopping mall, more power to 'em, as long as I can still go out on a weekend and enjoy them shops in the city with atmosphere! Of course, some people like shopping malls. Just another reminder that many many many Americans are just Lame.

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