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Looking Back

Well, looking at it, the year started out with me working in Chicago, then moving down to Urbana to finish school, then moving to California to work s'more.

I've owned my first two cars. The first was a '72 Beetle retired by rust and sold to a co-worker as office furniture. The current ride is an '83 Volvo wagon.

Two girlfriends, the first twelve years younger than the last, but no lasting romance.

I started out with a little money saved up. By April I was hawking porn to make ends meet. At the end of the year, I'm nearly out of debt and ready to pay back my school loans. My salary at year's end is just over twice what it was at the end of 1998. My work responsibilities and professional experience are at least doubled.

Looking Forward

So here's a novel thought. I've got my journal to help me look back on the year, but how about looking forward?

Money, Career

I've pulled way ahead, money wise, and there's so much farther I can go. I received a well-deserved raise after six months at Tellme, and I will ask for even more money in May. I'd like to find my own place, unless a miracle occurs that causes me to feel happy about living with Dave. The cost of living out here is high, and the salaries I can command are even higher. The hope is that I might cash in with my stock options on this Internet boom and have enough cash to live comfortably, hopefully start a different career that will help me be a better-rounded person.


I should begin tithing. I have my books balanced for this new year, it will be easy to figure out what 10% is. I just need to figure out where to spend it. I also need to find a Good Will and dump a lot of my old clothes, and get a few nice ones.


I need more exercise. I think this ties in to the domestic situation, doing volunteer work, and having healthier, more balanced relationships. I've developed the habit of living at work, where there is plentiful junk food. I have a belly and I get tired more easily than I should. I should also go for an annual physical exam, which I haven't had since I enlisted, back in 1994.


I've always tended to be a loner, but this year I've been blessed with experience of several different coworkers, roommates, romances, and a loose social network of friends out here in California. It is time to start focusing on being a good friend. That is a complicated ambition, but it should be rewarding to work on. Next Christmas, it would be neat to send out holiday cards.

I love my family, and am glad to have flown home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Uncle had the great idea that Easter could be moved a week in either direction so my next planned return could be a little easier.


I should get the bike tuned up by a professional, or buy a new one if necessary. Then I should ride to work every day. I should start cooking at home, and stop abusing pre-packaged junk food. If I have too much food, then I can bring good leftovers to work or invite friends over to help eat. My hope is that the Volvo will make it to its twentieth year reliably, at which point I will feel better about buying a new car, and there might be a hybrid that I fancy.

Looking Around

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31 December - It's the End of the World as We Know It
... and I feel fine.

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