6 January, 2000

good consumer

Ahhh, turns out this is my first journal entry of the millennium. Err, well, the rollover. 2000. Who cares when the millennium starts? The big thing is I can type 2 and enter tab to get in to this subdirectory, instead of typing one-nineninenine.


Today I am much closer to ordering a RAID at work. What is a RAID, you wonder? A Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks. Basically this thing where you plug multiple hard drives in to get better performance and reliability. We're going to need one for the mail server I'm planning to build, and we can't just by a NetApp RAID because the mail server software I'm using is not NFS friendly.

So what are NetApp and NFS? NetApp is the leading vendor in RAID solutions. NetApps provide their functionality through NFS, Network File System. Because Cyrus, the mail server, does not like NFS, we'll need a RAID that runs straight through SCSI, Small Computer Systems Interface - which normal hard drives use. On a NetApp, many computers can mount an NFS file system. With SCSI, generally one computer sees a local filesystem.

And Cyrus wants a local filesystem because that gives you more flexibility when you are trying to get great performance.

And so it goes.

I have not eaten dinner have I?

I have ordered a digital camera though. I found shopnow.com to be indispensible in helping me find the camera I want at the price I like through a vendor I can trust. The camera in question is the Canon A50 Zoom. It is small, so it will fit in my pocket. The capabilities are decent. It features an optical zoom and a lens cover, so the lens wont get scratched up in my pocket. I'm paying about $350 for it, and it it is said to work with gphoto.

When it arrives, look forward to me sprucing the place up with pictures.

To be honest, we have MSN to thank for the day's interest in purchasing a Digital Camera. Those morons let a legal loophole in their contract foisted upon them by California state law stay, according to the Mercury, "Microsoft's Pilla said the company isn't worried about people canceling service ... 'We haven't seen that . . . and we don't expect to see that, basically because we think that the value that we're offering customers, as we've seen from the many sign-ups, is tremendous.'" What a load of bull! Nobody with a brain, at least in the Bay Area, wants to be locked in to a three-year contract with a single ISP who provides only modem service.

Well, I did not personally take part in this feeding frenzy, but any time Microsoft gets nailed for lots and lots of money, I tend to regard that as a good thing. Is it immoral to rip off Microsoft? If Bill Gates were in the same position, he would do the same to you. Moral or not, it is just.

Damn, I love this state.

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