19 June, 2000

dannyman's big score

So, I finally figured I'd get a DVD player. Some of this was Dan kinda wanting one and nagging and showing off his collection, and some of it was "aw what the heck" ... I had been thinking Apex, but Dan's a PhD candidate in Digital Signal Processing, and explained why I was better off with a particular Sony than a Taiwanese knock-off, and I told him he was going with me to Circuit City, lest he explain to me more than I wish to understand.

Well, there she was, on sale no less, though they were sold out at the moment - sales lady said they'd moved 50 units. Hrmmm. Then Dan spots the open box special. Sales lady discouraged us: no cables, no remote, no manual. One pair of RCA and an S-Video cable later I paid $180 for an out of box Sony DVPS 360. WE DON'T NEED NO STINKING MANUALS!

Grabbed a microwave on my way out - I'd saved a bundle on the DVD player, and this thing was small, but had a turn-table, popcorn button, potato button, and a 30 second button - for $75 I could ask for nothing more. I figure it all works in to the DVD budget - like I got a cool DVD player that can make me popcorn before the movie.

Twenty minutes of exhaustive web search later, and I found the remote control codes for my TV's remote control to talk to the DVD player. Thanks Deja!

One viewing of Trainspotting later, and it is bed time. I'm actually going to try and make an appearance at work at 10AM tomorrow - got a sales person stopping by to show off a server.

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