11 May, 2000

A Decisive Blow

Yesterday, I noticed a trail of ants crawling back and forth through my front door. I found them in the kitchen, swarming over what looked to be a cornflake, and totally digging my garbage. I confiscated the cornflake and emptied the garbage. I found where they were coming in the front door and poured a little dishwasher detergent at that point, which they seemed to find upsetting.

Later in the day, I found they had trailed around the detergent, and had made it up to my counter and were attacking my peanut butter. Geez, floor crumbs and garbage are one thing, but that's my peanut butter! I escalated the situation by lining the front door with dishwasher powder and cleaning out all the yummy edibles an ant might find appealing on my counter.

This morning, they were in my cubbards. They still hated the dishwasher powder but could figure out it was non-toxic enough and worth hazarding to get at my goodies. I tossed some water on the dishwasher powder, which through a temporary wrench in their work, strategized over breakfast, and upon arriving at work, ran a quick errand to Orchard Supply Hardware.

After much rumination and comparing of insecticides, I settled on a can of RAID and a pack of ant traps. I returned home and sprayed the busy treasure trails. BAM! A gooey insecticide was killing ants left and right. The ant trails became corpse-filled highways of death. I laid down the ant traps immediately therafter and returned to work, psyched about what I hoped would be a decisive blow in the conflict.

Upon returning home this evening, I found that much of the RAID had dried, and started sweeping up the corpses. I felt bad about killing so many ants. Normally, I'll let the stray insect who wanders harmlessly about my apartment be, but these critters were serious about getting all over my food. I hope they are sufficiently deterred from returning, but Michael says those little bastards are like VC, and that I may napalm them from on high, but that they will find a way. Joe says the ants win if the RAID has adverse long-term affects on your nervous system. I say I keep my patio door open wide.

We'll see what resistance the ants have to offer in the coming days. So far, I've counted four in the kitchen since my latest strike. I assume they're left over from their earlier offense, with no way home but an insecticide-laden trail of death. I let them be, mainly because I'm too lazy to dig around and execute the rest of the survivors.

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