10 June, 2000


June 10.

Well, some weeks back I was walking to work, and I saw some construction workers from the apartment complex standing together, and I heard them meowing. This seemed a little special so I walked closer to investigate, and wouldn't you know but two of them were holding tiny kittens in their thick work gloves. They had recovered the critters from a rubbish pile that they had been cleaning up.

Well, Andrew and Holly were suggesting that me and Joe should get cats for some time. I went to work and suggested to Joe that there was a cat for each of us, and rounded up Andrew and Holly, who were having a rough day, to check 'm out. The maintenance workers said they couldn't give them up without checking with the manager, and the manager was out to lunch. We chilled at my place for awhile and talked to the manager, who said that they had known for some time about a wild litter down by the creek, and that one of the girls in the office had dibs on 'm. Andrew and Holly suggested that given how young the kittens were, they should see the Vet immediately. They called Adobe Animal Hospital and made an appointment, and after dropping the crowd off at work I took the kittens in to see the Vet.

They were weighed, and the doctor looked in their ears and took a stool sample. Clean! Perfect health! And old enough for solid food.

The office gal, Shannon, said she'd have to sell her boyfriend and Grandma on additional animals. I left her my numbers and took the cats home for the interim. Andrew and Holly took me cat shopping, and we got 'm set up.

At first, they were pretty shy and scared of humans. But we've socialized them and now they'll come up to snuggle with at least me. The gray one likes to suckle on my earlobe: weaned too early.

And ... they're nuts! I'm often woke several times a night by their playing, often running across my bed. For a while there was a rash of pissing on my bed and around my room. I socialized them s'more and moved the food in my room for awhile. Between that and just keeping things clean, they've been much better behaved. I figure this is practice for raising a kid some day. Cat babies are much easier to care for though.

Anyways, here's some pictures.

Gangsta kittens:

Two-headed kitty!

Anyways, I haven't named them yet. Some ideas have been "Czar" and "Kaiser" or "Awk" and "Grep" ... we'll see what kinda names they turn out to have! I haven't heard from Shannon either, and it is getting about time to take them back to the Vet for shots. Since I spend a lot of time at work, it seems so much better to keep them together, if possible; They keep each other occupied quite well!

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