19 October, 1999

The Best Days

I just got off the phonwe with mom. I'm not the sort of person who likes calling family from far away - that's just the way I am, but it's really nice to talk to your mom and sister once in a while. Mom related how things are really scarey in the hospital industry ever since the balanced budget and medicare cutbacks, and I related to Jessy how starting wage at the In-N-Out burger here is $9.

Sounds like things are going well out there. In other news, MikeyA got his name on the list - one of the first twenty Tellme beta-testers. Tellme has been rockin' and rollin' and I've been right in there in the thick of it. Not only am I Mr Systems, Network and Telephony, but I'm also, in the interim, Mr Solaris for our service operations too. The good news is that we've hired Warren to do desktop support - a lot of stuff off my plate. He's been taking over the NT server too - yeah!

So, a nice thing about work is there's always something to do, and unless I feel I've just been way too productive of late, I am always getting something, often a few things, done.

Life is good. Got friends and as much of a social life I can budget for! Yay!

The best years of our lives.


Yesterday, actually Sunday, I replaced a punctured tube. After inflating it, I went to give the other some air and as presta valves are prone to do when pumped by an ape like myself, I punctured the other tube.

I just can't win. I'm thinking now just replace both tubes with some good ol' fashioned schroeder valves and maybe a new pair of tires too.

So, yesterday and today did I drive to work. Today I came in around noon as I left my cell phone at home. Well, Dave had just gotten an interview at Be for 2pm, so I left him my car and he lent me his bike. Well, after the interview he picked me up at Tellme and we rolled over by Office Max or somesuch so I could get a chair.

See, last night I got tired of waiting for Jessica to clear off the desk she keeps talking about dumping on me and rearranged my room, placing the computer atop a most awesome makeshift desk. Made of what? The cardboard box from our TV topped with another flattened cardboard box. Definately mucho value for the money. But still not fun to kneel on floor when typing.

So I need a chair anyway, even if I get the Jessica desk too, right? Found a great little corner desk that will totally rock. Haven't assembled it yet. And a great chair, that is awesome, but expensive. But it was the last of its kind so I got a $15 break on the floor model. No assembly required!

That and a little trash bucket pushes me up to about $450, all handled by my penguin - the Linux Fund credit card.

So we loaded that stuff in the back of my Volvo wagon, where it all fit quite handily, and later tonite or likely tomorrow, I'll have a proper desk to go with my pimpin' office chair. Then I'll figure out PPTP on FreeBSD so JG will have one less thing to give me a hard time about.

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