4 November, 1999

Bye Bye, Lucy

Well, on Tuesday, I got a call from the mechanic. The second opinion on Lucy was that her undercarriage was indeed rotten, and the car was beyond the point of being at all practical to repair. I put her up for sale. She was spoken for before lunch by one of our webmaster.

Gina has this vision of Lucy retiring in to a glorious position as office furniture, which is fine with me. The car I drove out here to work and that got featured on Tellme's website deserves such a nice manner to be junked in. I had had the fantasy myself, but I think it works better as Gina's pet project than my own. An ego thing, perhaps.

Supposedly, management are keen on the idea, but Lucy will have to chill at Gina's until we move to the newer, bigger office. One of the replies has turned in to a guy coming by to extract her engine, tranny, and transaxle, making her much lighter and thus easier to push around as a pretty little creature.

I sold her for the price of towing. My original plan was to just sell her for that much, and if she wasn't gone in a week, to give her to charity. Yes, I could have made some cash off of parts alone and all, but well, she's dead, I didn't wanna sit around parting her out, I just wanted a good disposal.

And this is a darn good disposal.

I'll sure miss my old driver though. In fact, come to think of it, for some reason I've just felt more lonely than usual this week. Guess I have a crackpot excuse now for why. My unscientifically superstitious side also suggests that a trip to Fry's last week with the new owner, during which she mentioned her dreams of a yellow Ghia and some hype about Lucy Liu somehow fore-shadowed this event. A load of crap if you ask the ego.

Oh well, whatever. I can't believe this is Thursday already!

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