New Years Eve, 1999

It's the End of the World as We Know It

Fri Dec 31 17:21:55 PST 1999

I think it was the overcast sky in California, but as I was walking back home from the ATM this afternoon, I noted to myself this subtle tingly feeling, like today could be the last day on Earth. And if it were, it is a pretty nice, relaxed day. I could die peacefully in the tribulation. Although, I'd rather stay the course.

Hrmmm. You know, traffic has been awfully light today. Maybe 1/10 of Tellme showed up for work. Maybe the Christians have all ascended in to Heavan? Things could get interesting ...

Of course, all the reports are that aside from lots of celebrations, and a winter storm knocking out power in France, y2k is pretty uneventful stuff.

The bad news is that I'm about $800 short on having credit cards cleared out for the new year. The better news is that I can blame it on my roommate being unemployed, and I won't have to pay rent for the next two months. The better news still is that Dave will be able to pay rent for the next two months because he's found a bloody job.

The scoop is that we don't have phone service at the apartment, but the word is that we hardly ever use it anyway.

Today I came in, cleaned out a batch of backups for escrow, and since they weren't quite complete and we need 'm anyway, started a run for seperate offsite storage. In and out, back home balaning checkbook, getting my hair cut, waiting for Dave to get home so I could let him in and he could find his keys.

And now it is a lull between work time and party time. The Schrenk's start whoopin' it up around 8pm. It's 5:30 right now.

I suppose I could head back home again and clean my room and fold laundry, but you know what? I could do that tomorrow.

If it ever comes. MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!

... and I feel fine!

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