20 September, 1999


Augh, well its been nearly a month since I've last written here. Why so long, you cry? Well, life has just been complicated and full o' stuff. This weekend was yet another fun weekend. Daddy is in town and on Saturday me him and Jessica and Joe were going to go to the Blues Fest. Well, we wandred around Haight Street and Golden Gate Park instead.

Things I've done for the first time ever lately ... uhmmm, I rode a motorcycle around the parking lot some. I also previously push-started said motorcycle. And a lady friend took advantage of my enjoying a movie one night to apply a mud mask. Said I looked much brighter or something. Us guys, I tell ya, got no appreciation for that stuff.

I told her the removal process though reminded me of the effort we used to go through in the army to move camo - camoflagued face paint - after a road march.

I also got to eat cookies lately, and have come to enjoy sushi more, after a couple trips to Miyake's with Jessica.

Although ... Jagermeister shots are not my thing. Or at least, they weren't the other night.

In the lady department, things have slowed down a lot and gotten more relaxed. "You're not the pimpin' type," observed Tammie. Ayup, it was fun while it lasted. Maybe I'll dabble in the pimpin' arts again some time, but nowadays Lucy cries out desperately for help. Her woes have been added to by a flat tire and a tree denting her hood. Poor car. Well, some guy left a note saying he wanted to buy, on the back end of an "Abandoned Vehicle" notice. No, shes not an abandoned vehicle, but it was an interesting negotiation tactic.

Oh, and a credit card I had signed up for at the conference for the Linux Fund got stolen before I ever received it. They caught the purchases though, so no worries yet for me.

Meanwhile, neither of my cars are registered, but they're both insured.

And now a few words from Jessica, who I spent most of this past weekend's waking hours with. Figured it might be fun to tell the tales from a different perspective for a change. And well, poor Jessica has been suckered in to trying. Here she goes ...

Weekend With Dannyman

Well, I thought I would land some sizable sales with this gentleman when he passed his card to me at the company party. The next thing I know I was hanging out with Dannyman, Dannydad (Jim), and Joe wondering around Haight street. Dannydad has really good taste in Blues. We played the cd Jim selected on the way to Berkely, cause Joe had to have the Chicago style pizza at Zacharys.

The pizza was good. The wait was too long. I guess good things are worth waiting for, plus I got a back massage during the waiting process. No complaints there!

I got a great book about oysters from the bookstore next door. Oysters are about sea water, aphrodisiac, food of love. That's why you see Venus rising from an oyster shell in the classical painting. I can ramble much more about it. But, some of the people are not as into oysters as I am. So, we can discuss in details later if some of you are interested!

Weekend with Dannyman ended in a very Violent movie called, "True Romance". I do like the character Alabama, cause she tastes like peach, and she is a sweet yet gutsy girl.

Dannyman here. There ya have it folks. Point, counter-point. Or ... something, like differing serendipities ...

Err, okay. serendipity is ... well ...

1 definition found

From WordNet (r) 1.6 [wn]:

       n : accidental sagacity; the faculty of making fortunate
           discoveries of things you were not looking for

Yeah, so that's REALLY helpful right? Its just sort of somewhat randomly tacking from one idea to another ... blues to Pizza to Oysters back on to your normal jack-rabbitty dannyman stream of consciousness.

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