22 December, 1999

SJC Purgatory

22 December, 1999 6:05PM PST

I am about as comfy as a person stranded at an airport can get. San Jose International Airport is some kind of purgatory for passengers.

My own story is that I got here at 1:30 PM, and noted my flight to Orange County was delayed. I got rescheduled to fly through LAX at 3:30. That plane came out late. So now I'm 8:40 to Reno, and from there a First Class trip through the night, meeting mom at O'Hare at 5:15 AM.

Well, I'm not the only stranded fool. At least all the flights I have had tickets for today exist.

But like I said, I am comfortably sitting in a corner, with power for this laptop, leaning against my stuffed backpack relaxing and people watching. I got to watch the moon rise. I even flirted with the idea of shelling out $299 for a Ricochet modem. Had I done that I could be chilling on the Internet now, reponding to email.

I wish I could think of some interesting story to share with y'all. Sitting in the Airport all day is a boring boring enterprise.

Heh, my old email isn't even saved in to Outlook. So much for offline mail.

There seems to be a lull at the Airport just about now. At least in my corner. Maybe I should try to grab some food. Last time I was by the MacDonald's there was this awe-inspiring mega-line. I usually eat a lot later than this - think 8 PM to 10 PM. But I'm bored, and I bet my Reno flight maybe has no meal?

Damn, there is this tiny tiny dog in this tiny tiny carrier who's about to pop. I'd feel bad for the little critter if I was capable of feeling sympathy for little dogs. Although, I guess I should feel for the little dogs. It is stupid people who get a dog that fucking tiny. The dog can't help it, surely. Just another tortured child owned by some fucked-up yuppy trapped in a tiny tiny carrier being rolled around an Airport where there are lots of unhappy people.

Am I unhappy? Naw, sometime this year I'll be back home, with my family.

Meanwhile, my ass gets sore and my legs fall asleep and there just are not enough cute women walking by. Maybe it is time for MickeyD's. Let us hope that corner of the airport has saned some.

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