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Video: “Inside Myanmar”

Awesome video summary of what’s going on in Myanmar, linked from Ko Htike:

“The military have issued their orders, now the public are responding. They’re getting the bricks ready. It seems as they intend to fight!”

Tony Birtley
Al Jazeera

The electric buzz of anarchy as people take over the streets is always exciting. I wonder how the government gets police to shoot at Monks. Ko Htike further reports that in some cases, military have been arrested for not carrying out orders. That is a hopeful sign.

The demonstrations have been forcibly ended, for now:

“The monks leaders are gone, left behind are the young and the old, and what the military may think are ineffectual. But the air of resistance remains here.”

Stay Tuned.

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Categories: Featured, News and Reaction, Politics, Testimonials

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