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Photos Flickr 0.6

Photos Flickr 0.6 Preview

My WordPress plugin, Photos Flickr, now supports sets. I spent a little time crafting up a nice default template. I also set up a “demo blog” to give an online demonstration of the new default template.

I had planned to “ship” this version last Friday, but it was a little more adventure than I had anticipated.

Photos Flickr is an early version of a plugin that I am developing for WordPress blog software to display a user’s Flickr album within their blog. The result? Someone with a WordPress blog can now have a basic interface to let readers view their Flickr images, using their own web site and design.

Photos Flickr makes use of Dan Coulter‘s PHPFlickr library, which in turn accesses the Flickr API.

What is New? What Has Changed?

There is plenty more work to make this an awesome plugin. You can track plans and progress on my “projects” page.

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