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Baboons Like to Watch

From “The Week” for June 8, 2007:

A watchful baboon.
(Photo CC: James E. Robinson, III)

Male baboons may be the biggest voyeurs of the animal kingdom–they love to listen in on other baboons copulating. Researchers at a game reserve in Botswana found that low-status single males in a community of baboons often skulk around the love nests of higher-ranked males and their female consorts. While a female is in heat, she will often pair off with a high-status male and engage in sex multiple times during the day. The female’s love cries–long, song-like calls–draw a crowd of male baboons. If the couple fights, or if the male leaves her for even a minute, the other baboons will step in for a chance at a hookup. Researchers tested their theory by playing female sex calls over a loudspeaker. Male baboons from miles away literally dropped what they were doing to home in on the noise. “For male baboons, copulation calls are the most interesting vocalizations,” study author Catharine Crockford tells Discovery News. “From the calls, they hear about who is doing what with whom.”

Man, where to start?

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  • anna

    “While a female is in heat, she will often pair off with a high-status male and engage in sex multiple times during the day.” (My idea of a good Saturday.)

    ok, so you’re a high status male then, i guess you can make that assumption.. but every female can’t possibly get a high status male, can they? does this article address that aspect? are there generally more females than males?

    totally agree on the noise thing.

  • Anna, the article explains that while the high-status male is busy getting it on, the rest can gather to watch and learn and jump in when the guy needs a break. So, I reckon, if you want more high-status nookie within the context of the article, you gotta find a high-status partner who is either available, or has a decent chance of being spurned by their partner long enough for you to sneak in.

    Though, my advice would be to cultivate a variety of hobbies so that you can find other ways to have a good Saturday, until you find a great activity partner for the sex. (This will also come in handy when your partner gets stolen away / dead / limp / too involved with video games so that you’re not at a complete lost as to what to do with your Saturdays.)


  • Well done, Danny! I’ve been watching and listening, your blog entry lured me out of my blogging/commenting hiatus :) I still intend to write more on my business, personal time management and getting-things-done stuff.

    Still, I couldn’t help but wondering, why their behind is always red, maybe due to some kind of overuse…

  • -berto

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