Project Incubator

I am trying to get my sh!t together and push forward on technically-interesting projects of personal interest that others may dig as well. A big thing is to evolve a personal process of saying “this is what I am working on . . . this is what I have decided to achieve.”

“Work in Progress”

Front-Burner: Photos-Flickr (June)

See Photos Flickr page.

The current think is to pound out some progress on Photos Flickr through June, then put it on the shelf a while and do something neat with lnk.to. Or, perhaps some other project . . .







photos-flickr 0.4
2006-01-29: Initial release of crude plugin
photos-flickr 0.5
2007-06-06: “Deja Vous?” Jumped back in after some years: some cleanup, bundle PHPFlickr and Flickr API key, sample template, revised instructions, easier configuration of NSID
photos-flickr 0.6
2007-06-20: “Context” Added support for browsing sets, and did a lot of “maintenance” to get the code in shape for subsequent development
photos-flickr 0.7
2007-06-27: Built up inline reference documentation, added support for pretty URLs.

M0.8 “Plug and Play”
Due Date: 2007-07-03

Back-Burner: lnk.to (July)

I have some ideas here of some fun play, but not sure if they are feasible. I like to think that I can rock out Photos Flickr in June, then do something here in July. Or, I might do something else. Stay tuned . . .

Ideas: Things-that-might-be-cool . . .

I want to add my own buttons to the WordPress simple-editor. That might make a nice blog post / tech article if there’s not already a good HOWTO. What would be awesome is a scaffold . . .

Cary suggested that there should be a “Toldme Portal” . . . (ex-)Tellme employees can sign up. Provide:

WordPress: Support for micro-formats and perhaps “for example” a Yelp–Blog gateway

Also, I want to re-design my own web site. Perhaps have some “top level” categories that provide a different “face” or “user-experience” depending on, say, Technical versus Advice versus Biography versus Whatever

And other stuff as I recall or brain storm. It is nice to have a variety of fruit to pick from.

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