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Al Gore Feeds Global Warming Skeptics

The other day at lunch my coworker challenged me:

“You know that Global Warming isn’t real, right?”

“Uh huh,” I said.

“No, really! Don’t just agree with me because you think I’m crazy!”

“Uh huh. Well . . .”

He then went on to explain that we only know how much carbon is in the atmosphere for a few centuries, max. I then explained that scientists go to Antarctica and Greenland, drill deep holes in the ice, and can analyze the frozen atmosphere from tens of thousands of years ago. He explains that carbon has fluctuated a great deal over time, and it is no big deal, and I explain that our species has developed civilization during a period of climatic stability, and that the last time there was this much carbon in the atmosphere there were dinosaurs running around, so the Earth can totally handle global warming but we’re not sure if homo homo sapiens will survive it. He was like well its too late to stop it anyway, and I would have gone on to explain that when you’re driving your car into a tree, you hit the breaks instead of the gas, because then you’re more likely to live and have a better chance of reducing damage to and repairing your car . . . but we headed back to the office before things got too stupid.

And then, today, Al Gore posts a dramatic video to his blog.

And I watch it, and I’m like “yeah . . . glacier retreating.” Then I look at the caption:

This remarkable image sequence captures a series of massive calving events at Columbia Glacier near Valdez, Alaska. Composed of 436 frames taken between May and September of 2007, it shows the glacier rapidly retreating by about half a mile (1.6 kilometers), a volume loss of some 0.4 cubic miles (1.67 cubic kilometers) of ice or 400 billion gallons (1.5 trillion liters) of water.

And I’m like “a dramatic video of a glacier melting in Alaska over the course of five months . . . in the summer!”

And I’m like “Holy crap, Al, do you ever speak with a skeptic?! A dramatic video of a glacier melting in the summer makes you look like a tool!”

But, there’s no comments or feedback on his blog, so if I wish to sublimate my angst, I’ll do it here.

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