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I Scream!

I just learned that Haagen Dazs are downsizing their ice cream cartons from 16oz to 14oz. I don’t like this!

Feedback to Haagen Dazs:

If this were any other food, reducing the size a bit to keep costs in line and maybe keep us from getting fat is a reasonable thing. But Haagen Dazs isn’t food, it is Joy in the form of a delicious treat and I would much rather pay a little bit more for Joy than receive less.

Ben and Jerry’s is keeping their size and their comparable price, but their ice cream is overly-sweet glop. Haagen Dazs is a superior product for which I’d gladly pay a bit more!


UPDATE: Haagen-Dazs responded by sending me free ice cream!

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Categories: News and Reaction, Sundry, Testimonials

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