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Shell’s Apology

I received the following response to the complaint I sent to Shell about their infernal television gas pumps:


Your complaint about the pumps at our Shell branded station concerns us. Please accept our apologies for your trouble and inconvenience.

Be assured that we will give this matter thorough and proper attention. Situations like this are best handled locally, so we have forwarded this information to our Region.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and for your patronage of Shell products and services.


Shell Solutions Center
Customer Care
1(888) 467-4355
eMail: shellcustomercare@shell.com

My hunch is that this will be the last I hear from them. All the same, this actual human0crafted response is a little better than the average evil corporation.

Alas, I pumped some gas into Mom’s Prius this evening, in Chicago, and I realized I was at a Shell station with more obnoxious NBC programming. Augh!!

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  • Well, it’s nice to know that Shell at least responds to customer letters and not with some automated response that 9 times out of 10, has nothing to do with what you compained about. Speaking of responding to customers, I once had a $5 bill get eaten by a machine at Arco many years ago. I complained to the attendant, and he said he couldn’t help but if we leave our address, he can mail us back our money if they find it. I was incredulous and figure that my money was gone. A couple days later, I get a letter in the mail from Arco with a $5 bill in it.