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Shell Gasoline

Here’s an e-mail I just sent to Shell Gasoline:

Shell Logo, courtesy walknboston.


I had no strong feelings about gasoline brands either negative or positive, until this morning. I pulled into the gas station at 19th Ave and Taraval in San Francisco, and the gasoline pump started talking to me and then playing commercials. There’s no way that I would find to turn it off. It was really obnoxious.

When I get my gas I like to have a moment I can stop and think. With blaring televisions on the gas pump I am instead filled with antipathy towards your brand. Because of my experience this morning I now know that when I need gas and I see a Shell station and a non-Shell station, that the non-Shell station is not likely to have a noisy television to annoy me while I get gas. For that I am willing to pay a premium.

Thanks for listening.


Yup. I am a grumpy old man.

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  • I must be a grumpy old man, too. I go out of my way to avoid patronizing Shell stations with screens installed (for example, the gas station closest and most convenient to my house, and the gas station closest and most convenient to my office).

  • You can turn off the New York City taxi TV nowadays. Yay!