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Those who have a "web presence" . . .

Jessica Lyn
My sister's blog. (Job Hunting, Angst)
James Howard
My Dad does evil things with DHTML.


My generation is hip to the web.

Andrew Ho
Humble Master of Technology. Has many animals.
Benjy Feen
Don't fold the monkey.
Beth Unit
A former stalker who has since grown up and married.
Brandon Long
Extended UIUC network. He occasionally has interesting things to write.
Colleen Noonan
An artistic nerd!
Dan Sachs
Married super-nerd, who is getting to drips with his new house.
Dan Noir
Tellme SysAdmin colleague, lives in Berkeley and digs Fiats.
Dan Wright
"Goth" Dan, a slender, black-clad SysAdmin who is not Goth.
Dave Terrell
Ubergeek father of two.
Erik Larsen
He's figuring out how the brain works.
Ethan Dengate
Teaches English in East Asia.
Haidong Ji
Haidong comes from a Chinese village where everyone is named Ji, and now he lives in Illinois and blogs about SQL programming and family life.
Jeff K
A tall SysAdmin dude with a pony tail, who digs ballroom dancing and other arty stuff.
Jess Olson
Used to be a Marine, but he's in the Army now. Hooah!!
Joe Ardent
Joe Ardent, simian provacatuer, and his wife, Kris, and their adventures in Kiwi-land.
Julie Kang
Sassy Korean Mama with a Stanford CS Degree.
Kate F
Highschool friend, lives out Eas.
Kathy Schrenk
"I'm a wife, mom, cat-caretaker, Scottie devotee, nature-lover, Cubs fan, journalist, bike rider, hiker, climber, scrapbooker..."
Keith Garner
SysAdmin, geek, husband, father, lives in Chicago.
Lorah Gross
If I were shorter and bustier, I would aspire to Lorahness.
Michael P
Geek from the old school, with a track record of kindness to wandering vagabonds like me.
Michelle Clay
Michelle studied film history and Germanic languages. She is a talented writer who also scored me some free lunch, so I thoroughly approve.
Mike Kolb
My man in Pennsylvania, a programmer who flies, and helped scrub Santorum from our Senate.
Mikey A
Mikey lives in Pinole, and rides motorcycles, and has shown kindness to Internet penpals through the years.
Sam Etler
Tellme's Phreakiest. Booze afficionado.
Sidney August Cammeresi, IV
Emporer of his own Ego.
Thaddeus Ladd
High School buddy, accelerates particles in Palo Alto.
Tim Skirvin
Tim is a SysAdmin, "living in Champaign, engaged to a wonderful woman named Beth, working for the Beckman Institute" . . . one of the few people I have met who shares himself as ambituously online as I do, in his own Skirvalicious way.

Stalk Me

I enjoy sharing myself online, and especially since I work at Yelp, "social networking" is totally my bag. So, here's where you can stalk me:

Yelp :: Danny H
Yelp is a Yellow Pages site that provides valuable reviews of local businesses, written by real people. Yelp can be really useful, and for the "Yelpers" who get into writing reviews and making friends, Yelp can be a lot of fun. Yelp also pays my salary!
Flickr :: dannyman
Flickr is a photo-sharing network that hosts my pictures for me, and allows me to follow my friends' albums. I have mucked with a lot of image hosting solutions over the years, and went with Flickr because they take care of the technical stuff for me, provide a slick, if imperfect, UI, as well as a programming interface so that in theory I can bend it to my will, with little unfinished projects like Photos Flickr. It is also just a lot of fun, as a creative tool.
Livejournal :: dannyman :: dannyman2
Livejournal is the venerable, hip grand-daddy of free "blog" services. So many of my friends use Livejournal, that I check my "Friends Page" on a regular basis. Although I do not blog via Livejournal, my friends can track this web site on their own "Friends Pages" by subscribing to the dannyman2 syndicated feed.
Netflix :: Danny Howard
Netflix is an Internet-based DVD-rental service that I have used for some time now. They have incorporated a feature where you can network with your friends and get movie reccomendations, and also learn a bit more about your friends' preferences. Neato.
LinkedIn :: Danny Howard
LinkedIn has done awfully well at documenting my professional network, and may be useful for recruiting and stuff.
Facebook :: Danny Howard
Newer alumni-based social network with a clean feel.
MySpace :: dannyman
Not quite as awful as Friendster or--ugh--Orkut . . . well, there is no escaping MySpace, because all the young people are on there. Why? I think it is because they allow their users to abuse the Profile Bling. I scoff at MySpace, but sometimes I poke around . . .