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And So It Goes . . .

You would think that turning a computer off would be a simple ask. But on my corporate laptop, Windows 7 is ever concerned that I am an idiot.

Me: Okay, we’re done. Shut down.
Windows 7: Okay. Hey, wait, some programs are still running.
Me: Kill them. Force shut down.
Windows 7: Bu-bu-bu-bu-buuuut you could lose your work!! Are you sure you want to shut down?
Me: Yes . . . I’m always sure . . . but thank you for your heartfelt concern.

So it goes.

(I do 98% of my work from Linux, which thinks shutting down is a grand idea.)

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Categories: Sundry, Technology, Testimonials

  • Mike

    Now wait 5 minutes while we install some updates!

  • Matt

    Having had to use CentOS at work recently, I had to “learn” the shutdown command “shutdown -h now”. At first I was like “shutdown”. It didn’t like that. Ok, “shutdown -h”, it didn’t like that, ok “shutdown -h now”. Once issuing the command, I feel like it takes longer to shutdown CentOS than Windows2008R2, but maybe the installs are not apples to apples.

  • Usually they put the Shutdown in the GUI somewhere.