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Google Chrome: Not Being Evil

I honestly believe that Google really does intend to not-be-evil. And though I know they screw up and have to deal with some grey areas, I put a lot of trust in Google with my personal data. Trust I wouldn’t put in Microsoft or Facebook.

Anyway, my faith in Google was recently re-affirmed when I fired up Google Chrome on a new box and was presented with this dialog:

If you’re not being evil, you make it trivial for users to switch to a different search engine. If you’re making an effort to really do right by the user, you ask them which search engine they prefer, rather than just defaulting them to your own.

This is classy.

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Categories: Religion, Technical, Technology, Testimonials

  • Sean

    I also see http://www.dataliberation.org/ as a good step towards not being evil.

  • Xy

    Well, at least in Europe if you install a new Windows 7 and update the Internet Explorer you get a similar list of search providers to choose from. The difference: Even more providers are listed.

    But would you describe Microsoft as not being evil?(But maybe they are just forced by regulations to let the user choose)

  • If Microsoft is no longer evil it has less to do with noble intentions and everything to do with accelerating corpulent decrepitude. They remember the good old days when in their prime they could throw their monopoly power around like a Sumo wrestler, but in the past decade they have evolved in to one of those amorphous human blobs from the movie Wall-E ineffectually wiggling their nub-like appendages at the mobile device market from their wobbling PC OS monopoly while being taunted by smarmy (Android) robots who titter at the beast in awe-struck horror at how badly a once-feared competitor can let themselves go.

    I almost pity them: like Bob Dole in 1996.Anyway, way to go, European regulators!-danny