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Snapshot: My E-mail Archive

0-14:22 djh@ratchet ~> ls -lh mail/archive-*
-rw-------  1 djh  djh    18M Jun 14 17:17 mail/archive-1997
-rw-------  1 djh  djh    29M Jun 14 17:16 mail/archive-1998
-rw-------  1 djh  djh    18M Jun 14 17:13 mail/archive-1999
-rw-------  1 djh  djh    26M Jun 14 17:13 mail/archive-2000
-rw-------  1 djh  djh    25M Jun 14 17:11 mail/archive-2001
-rw-------  1 djh  djh    18M Jun 17  2004 mail/archive-2002
-rw-------  1 djh  djh    25M Jun 14 17:09 mail/archive-2003
-rw-------  1 djh  djh    15M Jun 14 17:08 mail/archive-2004
-rw-------  1 djh  djh    63M Jun 14 17:05 mail/archive-2005
-rw-------  1 djh  djh   202M Jun 14 16:54 mail/archive-2006
-rw-------  1 djh  djh   362M Jun 14 18:06 mail/archive-2007
-rw-------  1 djh  djh   202M Jun 14 19:17 mail/archive-2008

I recently went through, and using mutt’s date-range filters, revised my e-mail archives, most notably saving messages stored in Gmail into these annual mbox archives.

I think it was around late 2005 that I started using Flickr, so the ramp up in sizes is pictures being e-mailed from mobile devices.

I delete most e-mail that I receive, but I pretty much archive all personal correspondence, and anything I send.

Also, I was disappointed that when I tried to copy archival messages into Gmail, via IMAP, Gmail would interpret the message date as the date it was copied in to the archive, and not the date the messages was created. That was disappointing. I like Gmail’s search capability, so it would have been nice to give it access to my corpus.

Mainly though, I dig Gmail’s interface, especially while traveling. But I recently got mutt running again because it is a much faster way to step through an Inbox and delete / reply / Archive than clicky click web interface. If only I could give it access to my Gmail contacts . . .

March 1997 was when my server hard drive crashed, and after that I began to take disaster recovery more seriously.

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