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保我安全: “Ensure My Safety”

保我安全: "Ensure My Safety"

There’s a new billboard at the bus stop at 19th Ave and Taraval. I could read the first three characters with my own little brain:

Safety / shelter

Looking up the fourth character: 全 (all) I see that the last two characters together mean "safety". 安 is easy to remember, because "woman under a roof" means safety / shelter / security.

Ensure My Safety

There are many insurance agencies in the neighborhood.

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  • Yeah, I think in this case it means.. keep me safe (use a helmet)

    the character 保 means preserve or keep, when used together with 险, it means 保险 or insurance. Keep up your great work!

    Ever use Chinesepod.com?

  • tiffany

    Your blog is cute~~I know Chinese is difficult,but加油.By the way,quan1 is wrong,the right pronunciation is quan2.

  • cc

    an1 quan2

  • Xiaoyu

    Hi, do you live in San Francisco? I saw you mentioned CCSF and I assume it is city college, san francisco. Your blog is awesome and I like it a lot. I am a Chinese student study in sf.