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Girl: 我的包太重了!
wo3 de bao1 tai4 zhong4le
My bag is too heavy!

Boy: 我拿吧!
wo3 na1 ba
I’ll carry it!

Girl: 好,给!
hao3, gei3
Good, here!

Boy: 呃,真的很重!
e4, zhen1 de hen3 zhong1
Hey, it really is very heavy!

包 = bag
重 = heavy
很 = very
ç»™ = take
呃 = onomatopoeia, “eh”

From ChinesePod: Newbie: Too Heavy! I fall ever further behind. This one I actually drew a couple times and in the end I’m still not super thrilled about the result, but hey that’s all part of the process here. I see my friend 包, as seen in 面包 and the 红包 in “新年好!”. Just as the girl in “新年好!” was invited to 给她红包 the boy here gets to 给包太重了.

Thanks, Joe, for nudging me along.

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