MySQL Slave Database Can’t Catch Up

I’ve got a MySQL slave server, and Seconds_Behind_Master keeps climbing. I repaired some disk issues on the server, but the replication lag keeps increasing and increasing. A colleague explained that several times now he has seen a slave get so far behind that it is completely incapable of catching up, at which point the only solution is to reload the data from the master and re-start sync from there. This isn’t so bad if you have access to the innobackup tool.

The server is only lightly loaded. I like to think I could hit some turbo button and tell the slave to pull out all the stops and just churn through the replication log and catch up. So far, I have some advice:

1) Eric Bergen explains that the reason it keeps falling further behind is because the slave server can only process queries sequentially, whereas the master database processes queries in parallel.

2) MySQL suggest that you can improve performance by using MyISAM tables on the slave, which doesn’t need transactional capability. But I don’t think that will serve you well if the slave is intended as a failover service.

Xaprb explains this well, then goes on to say:

Your options are fairly limited. You can monitor how far behind the slave is . . . and assign less work to it when it starts to lag the master a lot . . . You can make the slave’s hardware more powerful . . . If you have the coding kung-fu, you might also try to “pipeline the relay log.”

That pipeline approach sounds like the YouTube way.

Update: to my surprise, things got better!

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