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It is hot and I decided I needed some exercise.  I needed to sweat!  So, for the first time in a long time I hopped on my bike, and began to pedal . . . down the street, down another street, across another street, down a street, taking a fork in the road . . .

It occurred to me that I could get lost, but I decided that was okay, because I know that with enough time, patience, and faith, I can always find my way back.  So, I kept going, knowing that wherever I am, I am always Here.  So . . . I kept going, looping slowly onto more familiar territory, and back home.

Now, time to head down to the peninsula for a party.  I feel really good lately, and I attribute it to the fact that on Tuesday, I followed my idea of “direct action” down to the book store, and found what I believe to be sufficient knowledge of How People Work, and How Relationships Work, specifically romantic love and extra-marital affairs, to finally understand some of the details that have bugged me the most.  Now that I understand, my mind has very little need to obsessively ask itself what happened, any more.  Tranquility.

This morning I attended my first “Men’s Breakfast” at MDUUC.  I had no idea what to expect, but . . . man, it was a wonderfully powerful sharing among a lot of older, mostly wiser men, about their lives.  That was really good stuff.

One thing that caught in my head is an observation that . . . in Western culture, we tend to perceive the Mind as the Self.  But in some of the traditions that stress meditation, the Mind joins the Body, as a conjoined set of tools, through which the Self then experiences the world.  With that understanding, you can allow yourself to experience a given moment more fully, and with a little discipline, you learn to allow the Self to step outside the Mind, and examine and shape your behavior in the context of what you hope to achieve.

Right now, I’m going to get Mind and Body packed up in the Car, and enjoy my afternoon down in Cupertino.

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