Screw Off, Congress!

Well, I ordinarily would not say a thing.

But I went and antagonized the Muslims for being a bunch of hysterical idiots.

And I’m an American.

Dear Democrats and Republicans:

Knock it off with the political opportunism. The company is transferring ownership from U.K. to Emirates, and while there were two U.A.E. citizens involved in 9/11, there were more U.K. citizens involved in London. Port Security is your responsibility, and your standards for security had better add up to a lot more than “well, we don’t let no towelhaids run our ports, we only hire Uhmericans and other upstanding whiteys. And some darkies too. Well, and some Messicans. But no towelhaids, dammit!”

Timothy McVeigh was a white man. I think he killed more Americans-per-Terrorist than 9/11. It don’t matter who owns the parent company, as long as they pass security checks and whatnot, assuming those security checks are something more sophisticated than “we don’t like them A-rabs.”


Bloody Americans. I so hate agreeing with the President, but I got to give him credit on this one.

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