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Screw Off, Fanatics!

You know . . . there are a lot of ignorant religious fanatics in this world. Our country has its share, but Islam . . . well, the mullahs and their Western allies have been doing what they can to maintain power and obtain cheap oil by keeping their people ignorant.


And, in the Western cultures . . . we spend our time writing a lot of silly things, and drawing silly things, and we have a hard time getting anyone to take us seriously.


So, when some Danish paper publishes a set of dumb cartoons, and contends with death threats, and now a bunch of fools threatening to boycott Danish products, well, I feel like I want to do some small thing.


So, I went and found them cartoons. They . . . they are not funny, or offensive. They are pretty dull political cartoons, actually. Who cares?


Well, man . . . death threats? This warrants death threats?


What follows is my sincere response to people who are getting their panties in a bunch over these cartoons: grow up, shut up, read your Koran, and start with piety at home.


Here’s is what is getting death threats:


I figure the more often people re-publish things that piss of fundamentalists, the more likely they’re going to run out of people they want to kill. And don’t forget to get you some of those butter cookies . . . yum!

NOTE: Crazy Islamobabble comments damning me to Hell and whatnot will no longer be accepted in Turkish or Arabic. If you’re going to tell me to die, please run it through Babelfish first. Thanks.

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Categories: Excerpts, Politics, Religion

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