Car Insurance: The General Squishes Gecko

Well, I was earlier excited about Geico giving me a deal on auto insurance, and pretty quick they sent me a letter saying my policy was revoked because Daniel Howard had his license suspended for two months back in 2003. (“Kid, have you ever been . . . arrested?”)

So . . . back to Google, ask for car insurance, click two of the top banner ads. One for Progressive, one for The General, and skip Geico, for being policy-cancelling bastards.

The General came out a bit cheaper than Progressive, though nothing was as cheap as Geico when I had foolishly figured that the insurance company only cares about your license being suspended over something important, like a DUI . . . er, anyway, I kept with the Progressive and asked it to give me quotes from other companies, but got stuck on a screen that wanted to know what kind of single was I? Huh? I’m married to the other person on the policy . . . I called Progressive and they said I had to log out and back in to the web site, but I could still only be Single. Dickwitches!

So . . . back over to the General, who has his own cute green corporate mascot . . . clickety clickety clickety click, and we are insured again. Even further to their credit, they gave me PDFs of everything to print out, like my new Bubblejet-printed insurance card, and they’ll charge my credit card every month . . .

I hope the rates go back down eventually when my previous misdeeds expire from general consideration. Don’t ever get your license suspended, kids. It sucks.


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