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 Use OpenOffice.org To be honest, I get my work done with a simple text editor and a console-based e-mail client. I only load OpenOffice.org when people e-mail me important Word or Excel documents that need my attention.

All the same, while I never need to use Microsoft Office, I think the whole “you’re a dinosaur for not paying us lots of money to upgrade your software” campaign insulting. Has Microsoft got nothing to offer its long-time users beyond bullying? For shame, Microsoft!

Seriously, if the dinosaur stuff is getting to you, give OpenOffice.org a try before you surrender to Microsoft’s extortion campaign.


P.S. If you would like to borrow my stolen clip-art for making your own guerrilla marketing statement, you are welcome to my image templates, my text templates, and of course OpenOffice.org has a variety of web buttons.

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