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No Escape

There’s just no escape from Terri Schiavo. Honestly, I don’t care except that I hear about it on the news constantly, and it is very annoying to have Congress and the President try to usurp the authority of Florida’s courts, after the Florida legislature and governor have failed at doing the same. It is naked, disgusting opportunism of the slimiest kind, designed to appease right-wing Christian WEENIES.

Sengelha has a reference and awesome excerpt on the important bits of this case but it really boils down to:

In the absence of explicitly expressed wishes, my wife—not Congress, not even my parents or my sister—should make the ultimate decisions regarding my care were I rendered incapable.

Keith had earlier said:

I can’t imagine [my wife] making a decision my parents didn’t back her up on. However, if she does end up getting into a pissing contest with my parents, like the story that has our national media attention, she wins. It is her call.

For a contrarian such as myself, it feels good to see other people I know express feelings that are the same as my own. I was ranting at Yayoi this morning that, heck, you pick your wife, as an adult, you never get to pick your parents! Where’s the Defense of Marriage when they have an opportunity to score some political points with their base? I mean, the guy they are persecuting isn’t even gay!

God damned Christians. MNFTIU sums it up:

Glassy-eyed, no cognitive ability, persistent vegitative state. Poor Terry Schiavo–the unwitting personification of the Christian right. Except she’s not a disgusting hypocrite.

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