Anyone know what is an Alien Registration Number?

Question: What is my Alien Registration number?

Answer: “It is an eight digit number, preceded by an ‘A,’ that is assigned to you by the Department of Homeland Security. It is used as your file or case number by the Court.”

Answer: Musaab notes that you will be assigned an Alien Registration Number by USCIS as needed when you apply for certain benefits. If you have not received an Alien Registration Number, just put “NONE”.

Note: I am not an immigration lawyer and the above information should be taken with a grain of salt. If you absolutely must get this right consult a real immigration lawyer. I’m just a random schmuck with a blog that has pretty good PageRank.

Original post:

<dman> Anyone know what is an Alien Registration Number?
<TanAdept> Just put down 2515049.
<dman> Q. What is an Alien Registration Number?
<dman> A. It is an eight digit number, preceded by an “A,” that is assigned to
you by the Department of Homeland Security. It is used as your file or
case number by the Court.
<TanAdept> A2515049, then
<Nicko> your missing a digit
<TanAdept> Shush.
<Adam> Hey, just shush the DHS guys when they come to your house.
<Adam> To take away your unregistered alien.
<Adam> Or misregistered.
* Nicko first interpreted that as “the DHL guys”
<Adam> Them, too.
<Nicko> they’ll just ship your misregistered aliens

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  • Anonymous

    when and where do you get alien registration number? is it stamped on your visa?

  • Wife says the Alien Registration Number gets sent to you after you submit all the paperwork. So, I guess that’s one of the mystery boxes you leave blank when submitting your I-495, etcetera.

    The Alien Registration Number appears on your Permanant Resident Card, AFTER you’ve done all the immigration process and don’t need to refer to it anymore.

    Also, the Green Card aint green. But at least you can get back in the country with it.

  • Kevin Kabumoto

    Your alien registration number is originally the serial number of the immigrant visa the alien/immigrant receives prior to entering the US. Hence, the number you get is kind of luck of the draw.

  • I have a friend who wants to bring a Filipino woman to the US as a fiance. How does she get the Regsitration Number, what paperwork does she fill out, and who does she send it to?

  • tom

    what is the significance of someone’s Alien Number……does it mean anything more than a random ID number ?


  • benjamin Salvador

    I am a non-immigrant with a tourist visa which is a B1 visa. I am actually applying for extension of stay and I am confused because in the application, they are asking for my Alien Number. Do I have that one? and where can I find it? Thanks.

  • Musaab

    You don’t have Alien Number yet. Just write none. Alien numbr is assigned to you when u contact the USCIS for a benifit(e.g. extension of stay as in your case). So if u need to contact them in future for anything else then you will use the number that will assigned to you the first time (i.e this time). goodlcuk

  • bill howlett

    i lost my green card 40 years ago, i need to find out how to find out what my a number is. i have already sent in the i 90 form without the a number on it. they sent it back. can you plese tell me how to find out what mine is. thank you for any help you can give me.

  • Leizl

    Hello good day i have a problem my fiancee send me a visa and im scared if i sign it wrongly can you send me a sample copy of fiancee visa?

  • Leizl,

    You should consult an immigration expert.


  • Saudia

    I have eight digit Alien registration number. I would like to know if I am US residence or Non-residence.

    Thank you,


  • Saudia,

    If the eight-digit alien registration number is printed on your Permanent Resident Card, I guess you are a Permanent Resident.


  • Hyong Du Lim

    I lost my certificate of naturalization and trying to replace it but on the replacement from N565, they are asking for A# aka Alien Registraion Number which is found on a green card which I don’t have because USCIS took my green card on the day when I recieved my certificate of naturalization. Is there any possible way I could find my A# without filing the from I90, which also needs A# or without me going through all this hassel?

  • tiphet

    Hi Daniel, I had my interview with an Immigration Officer regarding my approved I-730 petition and the immigration Officer assigned me an Alien Number. Does this mean that I will get a visa or a travel document to the US? Thanks for the help.

  • Pyay Phyo Oo

    In my visa, I see A # XXXXXXXX (8 digits). What I want to know is that it is Alien Registration No or Green Card No. These are the same?

  • Harry Chacknes

    My uncle has been a naturilized US citizen since 1960 and his driver’s license expired while he was in the hospital. He can’t find his original naturalization papers and now needs an alien number, which he also does not have, in order to obtain his VA driver’s license. How do you obtain an alien number from 50 years ago.


  • rach

    hi, i need an alien to apply for my fafsaa. I have my visa and my passport, but i’ve not gotten my green card yet. But my passport doesn’t list an alien number or any number that is prior to an A. But i do have an registration number that is 8 digits long. And i also have another series of 8 digits in red on the bottom of my passport. Which one would be my alien number. I know i have one or they wouldn’t have let me enter the US as a permanent resident.

  • Momo

    I need the alien number for G-325. But I lost the OPT card and don’t know the alien number now. Could you give me any idea that I can get it?
    I still have a student visa on my passport. There is a red 8 digit number on it.
    Is it an alien number?

  • Nga Quan

    How to read (understand)my US Alien Registration Number? Or, What does it means; A#070993613 . What is the difference between A#087927168 and A#070993613?

  • srs

    file a freedom of information act request on form G-639 with as much information as possible. The papers you get back will likely have your number on them.