Curt Tucker is a Liar

Which Curt Tucker are we talking about?

Curt Tucker is a tall, middle-aged, white male. He lives in or around Champaign, Illinois. He is co-owner of Verdant Systems, the Verde Art Gallery, and Verdant News and Coffee, all located in Champaign, Illinois. As of July 2003, Curt is balding, wears round glasses, and sports a goatee. He claims to hold a background in social services and psychiatry.

Tucker in Georgia would like to make it clear that “There are other Curt Tuckers out here who have never been to Champaign, Illinois and who have never fired anyone.” This page is not intended to in any way disparage the many fine Curt Tuckers who have never been to Champaign, Illinois and who have never fired anyone, and who, for all I know, are good, honest men.

How do you know Curt Tucker?

From April to July of 2003, I worked as a Barista at Verdant News and Coffee. Curt hired me, and fired me. I had frequent interactions with Curt. I also interacted with other employees and patrons who dealt with Curt.

What do you have against Curt Tucker anyway? You just said he fired you.

While I enjoyed working for Verdant News and Coffee, I did not enjoy working for Curt. When he fired me, I no longer had to work for him. I was also re-qualified for an old unemployment claim which pays more than Verdant, so in firing me he did me a favor.

Why do you need to make this page? Can’t you just go on with your life?

Most liars can be avoided once you figure them out. Curt claims to be a psychiatrist, and a social worker. Curt is an employer, and as a businessman with an art gallery and cafe in downtown Champaign, he is a public figure, trying to bring the community together. As an employer, and as a public figure, a liar can do a lot of damage.

It only takes me an hour or two to publish this page, which should be picked up in future web searches by anyone looking for information on Curt or his enterprises.

Who has he lied to about what?

From what I can tell, Curt tends to alter facts to fit a particular situation. He’ll claim that he never said something, that he said something else, or that another person has said something they haven’t. I don’t want to disclose private information or air dirty laundry. I can attest that:

(That last part did me no harm, as an employer must prove gross misconduct when terminating an employee without prior cause.)

Why should I trust your word against Curt’s?

Unless you are a close personal friend, or I’m trying to sell you something, I don’t want you to trust me. You probably just found this page off of a web search, and for all you know I’m a mal-adjusted liar with some weird psychological antipathy for Curt. (Actually, this is probably what Curt would say in response to this page.)

I want you to think skeptically. Read my statements with a critical mind. Read Curt’s statements with a critical mind.

So what … do you want me to boycott Verdant or something?

I believe that the Verde Art Gallery is a valuable addition to downtown Champaign, and the Verdant News and Coffee serves some damned excellent coffee. The community stands to benefit from their success. This success is threatened by Curt’s penchant for dishonesty. By all means, deal with Curt and his enterprises. Please do so with some caution, and if Curt says something implausible, take it with a grain of salt, and see if you can verify the claim. In important matters, see if you can get him to commit to details in writing. I believe that Curt means well and may actually believe what he is saying. If you can catch him in an untruth, you may be doing him and the community he serves a favor, and you will have safe-guarded your own interests in the process.

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