Checking in with Joe Ardent

< How would you describe “the hunter s thompson of systems administration”

< Sounds kinda monkeybagely

> Haha

> “One of God’s original prototypes: too dangerous for mass production, too weird to die.”

> What’s this for?

> How you doin’?

< The flying out to interview with <prospective_employer> in california thing just fell through and so I immediately start talking about my plan Bs like hop a greyhound to NYC.

> Argh, that sucks. I didn’t know you were talking to them

< And I realized that I’m really just an adventurer and I treat sysadmin as an easy money-making lifestyle and that sounds hunter

< You need to gossip with Angel more.

> Yeah

> Heh

< But if I can bum around thailand on $1,000 / month I can try my hand at nyc.

> Nice

> How’s CU, then?

< I am getting laid like crazy out here and its great for contemplation and the clouds are really hot to look at.

> Haha

> Well, that’s something.

< The cafe owner prick fired me this is documented on my web site. But it should requalify me for TMTA unemployment

< And that could fund nyc

> Argh

> Oh, nice

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