Pounding More Pavement

First place I went to today was remodeling, and confessed that they’d filled their staff a few days before. Okay. Next I arrived early at a place in the Marina district that has a position open. They told me to drop by again at 3PM for an informal interview. Killing time, I wandered around the neighborhood and stumbled upon Pizzeria Uno. Because I’m a Chicago Pizza kind of guy, I dropped in and asked if they were hiring. “Do you want to make money?” They accepted my resume and the waitress explained that she was also interviewing around, because there just wasn’t any business where she was. She explained that the market was flooded with workers in part because of all the dot-com types who were reforming themselves. I smiled sheepishly.

She clued me in to a place near Union Square that’s hiring. I waited about a half hour for my informal interview at the first place. As I waited, I got tense and excited; Customers would come in and I wanted to greet and seat them. Alas, I only get to do that sometime after they possibly call me in again sometime next week for “a more formal” interview.

I found the place by Union Square, grabbed an application, and was told that if I have a resume, I should attach it to the application and bring it in between 2PM and 4PM for an interview. Seemed like a pretty swank place.

Say what you will about the service sector, but I enjoy getting out of the house to track restaurants down and be blown off in person a little more than dropping e-mails into the void and never hearing anything. It sucks that gas is so expensive, on top of I’m so broke.

I suppose I should try calling the unemployment office again tomorrow. I can also return to the Union Square place, and then a dining cruise place in Alameda is conducting group interviews at two times tomorrow evening. I may ask Nice Coffee Shop Lady if she needs help in he morning: if I can score that gig then I can keep afloat while pursuing additional evening revenue.

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