A bum asked me to dig into my pockets … I came up with three cents in change. Later I walked down the twisty hill to one of the local coffee shops, ordered a coffee and a pastry, then offered them a traveler’s check. Nope! All else I had was $2 in cash, so I stuck to the coffee, the rest going in to the tip jar: I may be broke, but I’m not without my scruples. The woman asked if I was new in the area, and gave me the pastry for free, explaining that she hoped I’d come back again. I just might, but next time I may bring my resume, as she has a Help Wanted sign in the window.

I bought some oranges and chewing gum at the Albertson’s across the street: traveler’s check cashed. I’ll need to figure out a good place to exchange foreign currency for dollars really damn soon.

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