Numerous Small Victories

A lawyer has been arrested for wearing a pro-Peace tee shirt. IN AMERICA! I hope the justice system still works, here, and he’s not to be incarcerated as an enemy combatant, and stripped of his citizenship, and shipped to Cuba to be interrogated.

The lady at the coffee shop introduced herself today. I forget her name. I left her my resume, which she accepted, explaining she’d just taken two new employees on, but in case one falls through, she’s still taking applications …

A lot of victories today. I finally got through to the unemployment folks … they haven’t assigned me a hearing yet, but at least now they have my new address and are sending six weeks of claims forms that I haven’t received to me in Oakland. So, while I am nearly completely broke right now – I’ll know just how broke when I sit down and do some tidying-up tomorrow, I may yet be in line for some hefty checks.

I dropped the application off at the restaurant near Union Square … things are slow just now, but they hope to make some calls in a few weeks. I filled out an application at Zachary’s Pizza, and submitted a cover sheet with my resume, explaining how much I would cherish the opportunity to serve God’s own Pizza. They were doing brisk business even in the mid-afternoon, and the tone of the application really appealed to me. I’m supposed to hear back from them next week after they check my references.

After that I navigated over to Alameda to attend a group interview for a ship-board catering position. It is a company that does dinner cruises for special events. About a dozen of us sat down around a table, and had to introduce ourselves, and outline our qualifications. We were then told to wait with each other to be called out for one-on-ones. About five people were called out for one-on-ones, and never returned. Our hosts then returned and said, “Congratulations and welcome to round two!”

We were given packets that included a tax form, and asked about availability for interviews Saturday morning … we walked away with the feeling that perhaps we’d been accepted into their Army of Caterers, and that we will receive fuller orientation, and in coming months, because this is the slowest time of the year, some paying gigs.

My turkey may not be completely burnt after all.

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