Hunting for Work

It is so hard to motivate myself to do anything. I have no faith in anything. Fortunately, the money situation is getting extremely terrible, and this helps push me forward.

I made up a resume for waiting tables. Today I trekked over to San Francisco to apply at a few places, and when I got to the first place I realized I’d left the printed resumes at home. Dang! I filled out a lengthy resume at a Chinese Noodle Shop that is opening in two weeks. I have no great hope for that position. Next I parked in front of a copy shop and printed a few copies of the resume which I was able to download from the Internet. Nearby, on Geary, was a Jewish Deli that had apparently survived from at least the 1950s, filled with old folks. The woman at the cash register kindly handed me a half-sheet of paper to fill out, and stapled my resume to it. A young man and a young woman were also filling out applications. The Chinese place was absolutely bustling with activity, much of it various laborers applying for work.

Back at the ranch, I went on Craigslist. I found one half-time desktop support position, which would pay enough to support my materially modest lifestyle requirements and leave me with time enough to pursue my own interests. I explained this much on my cover-letter, along with the usual spiel about my love of customer service. Then, a handful of barista positions, and two more restaurants to visit tomorrow, THIS time with resumes.

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