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Haarslev, Odense

We drove over to Haarslev this morning. Grandmother’s Grandfather was from this little town. We arrived in the morning, through spookily foggy weater, to see a church surrounded by a cemetary where the evergreen shrubbery was tinseled in glistening cobwebs. The place felt eerie, and somewhat familiar. Perhaps it felt like the Northern parts of America, like the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where Danish and Swedish ancestors would have felt at home in the new world. Part of us is from this mysterious little town. Ancestors worshipped in this modest little church.

We spoke with the Priest about finding records from that era, but she explained that records of such age would be found at the archives back in Odense.

Foggy Morning
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The family makes its way out of the car. We know we are somewhere special, and we can feel it in the air.

Brick and Mortar Facade
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The sun comes out a bit, and shines on the church.

Very Old Tombstone
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The church yard and cemetery are well-kept, but that in places you can see that things are old.

Uncle John inside the Church
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Uncle John studies the interior of the church.

We returned to Odense, not to review nineteenth century Danish paperwork, but for Uncle John and me to visit the train museum while Mom and Grandma visited the Hans Christian Andersen Museum.

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  • I found the story from Haarslev, Odense, very interesting since I was born and raised there. Maybe we are related. In the last 40 years I have gathered a large Family Tree and pictures from that area, over 3000 names. If you can send me your Grandmothers Grandfathers name and dates, I’ll check it out for you. Good luck, Viggo Sorensen, Strathmore, Alberta, Canada.

  • I was born in Haarslev. I love this place. But you are right it can be spooky there for sure. Many of my ancesters are burried there. Perhaps I can help you, if you are interested in finding your roots. Maybe we are related, who knows?
    We now live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Please write me. Viggo Sorensen, viggo@sorensen.ca

  • marnie

    this is neat. My grandfather, Rasmus Hansen, was born in Haarslev. We visited there; and Hansens
    abounded in the cemetery.

    How do I correspond with Viggio? Just send him/her an email ? ? ?